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Connections is the quarterly newsletter of the St. Pius X Church and School.  The purpose is to support our community of believers who are faithful to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Tradition by providing information that will help enrich, inspire and connect us as we work together by sharing our time, talent and treasure so that God’s Kingdom will continue to live and grow in our midst.


Carol A.
Please submit articles to our editor. Please also contact her for questions about column or article ideas, word count or deadlines.


Michelle Carey |
Please submit articles to our Administrative Assistant in the rectory, or drop off a submission there, if you prefer.


Michelle Zuccarelli |
Please contact for information about graphics usage, design, and/or production questions.



An Earnest Prayer and Desire: 500th Year of Reformation. From Conflict to Communion: On the Path to Christian Unity.

Please consider sending a story or column idea for an upcoming issue to our Editor or our Parish Administrative Assistant. Your feedback is welcome and encouraged.



Connections is published quarterly in February, May, August, and November. Our process for editing, design, and review takes approximately three weeks before the issue can be sent to the print shop. 


  • February 2017, Volume III, Issue 1 (features Lent and Easter events)

    This issue is complete. 

  • May 2017, Volume III, Issue 2 (features parish festival & summer information)

    This issue is complete. 

  • August 2017, Volume III, Issue 3 (features Back-to-School information)

    This issue is complete.

  • November 2017, Volume III, Issue 4 - (features Advent and Christmas events)

    Call for articles via bulletin:  September 16, 23, and 30, 2017
    Deadline for articles to Editor: October 6, 2017
    Issue sent to print shop: November 2/3, 2017
    Issue to Post Office: November 23/24, 2017

Stylebooks for Editing

We use the following stylebooks when editing articles for our parish newsletter. These are the two stylebooks currently used by the Diocese of Columbus and The Catholic Times.  


Submission Guidelines: Articles, Graphics, Photographs

All articles or article ideas or questions should be addressed to Editor Carol McGlone at her email above. You may also send your articles to our Parish Administrative Assistant Michelle Carey; she will help collect and forward articles to Carol.

  • Submit Word documents (.doc, .docx), plain text (.txt), rich formatted text (.rtf) or PDF
  • If you plan to submit a photo or a graphic for an article, please do not embed the image in the article. It can make layout more time consuming. Simply attach the image to your email when you send your article to Carol. Regarding image use, please refer to our policy clarifications below about images of minors (those under the age of 18) and copyright permission.
  • Images may be .jpg/.jpeg, .pdf, or .png.
  • Please be aware that cell phone images can typically be lower resolution than those taken with a camera. They are typically intended for sharing via media screens, and the image resolutions favor these settings. They frequently do not print well. We recommend using a digital camera for the best results, especially if you want to make the most impact.


Submitting Photos of Minors: Diocese of Columbus Safe Environments Policy

Because Connections is available for download from our parish website, a publicly accessible resource, we are bound by Section 400.13 of the Policies and Guidelines for Parish Youth Ministry, Catholic Diocese of Columbus, to protect the identifiable information of those in our parish under the age of 18 unless we receive verifiable consent from the child’s parent or legal guardian permitting us to release it. Identifiable information includes but is not limited to a minor’s image and his or her full name. Verifiable consent may take the form of a written and signed permission form. The Diocesan Safe Environment Program extends the term ‘youth ministry’ to include PSR, Vacation Bible School, youth group, Scouts, athletic teams, etc.


Understanding Copyright on Graphics and Images

St. Pius X Church and School abides by US copyright and intellectual property laws when reproducing graphics and images in print or online. If you provide us with a graphic, we must have proof of copyright permission or license to reprint the graphic or image. We can provide licensed images to accompany an article so you do not have to wonder about copyright privilege. If you need to use a specific image for an article such as a trademark or logo, we need copyright permission to reproduce. If you are using an image available for use in the public domain, you can send us a link to the source stating its status as an image in the public domain. This will usually help us know how we must attribute the work as well. Intellectual property laws are quite expansive. Assume you do not have copyright permission unless you have personally created the artwork or taken the photo. You can learn more about copyright and intellectual property law at