The special Holy Days of Easter and Christmas require additional help to clean and prepare our worship space. Decorators help receive, prepare and display our many Easter lilies and Christmas poinsettias donated by our generous parishioners. They also set up additional displays to enhance our worship during these special seasons. For more information or to become involved in church decorating or cleaning, please use our form below to contact us.

Rose Crane


  • Volunteers Needed? Yes
  • Volunteer Ages   This ministry is appropriate for adult men and women, teens (13-18) and school-age children (9-12) who can work with their parents or other adults. 
  • Ministry Location  St. Pius X Church, 1051 Waggoner Rd. Reynoldsburg, OH 
  • Designation  This ministry is conducted for a day prior to each Holy Day, Easter and Christmas.
  • Time(s)  2-3 hours in the AM or early PM
  • Frequency  We typically clean and decorate the day before Christmas Eve if possible and the morning of Vigil on Saturday. Time is dependent on delivery of Christmas and Easter flowers from the nursery. There are no meetings to attend.
  • Special Skills An artistic eye is needed for decorating. You need the ability to work independently on your aspect of the cleaning or decorating.
  • Other Information  We notify our team via email or phone call approximately 2-3 weeks prior to decorating and provide the times when we will work.



This Week at SPX

4th Grade Career Visitor - Fri May 25 @ 1:00PM-01:30PM
Men's Faithsharing and Scripture Study - Sat May 26 @ 6:30AM-08:00AM
Mass - Sat May 26 @ 5:00PM-06:00PM
Mass - Sun May 27 @ 8:30AM-09:30AM
Mass - Sun May 27 @10:15AM-11:15AM
MSGR Gaughan 50th Anniv. reception after 10:15 Mass - Sun May 27 @11:00AM-12:30PM
Youth Ministry - Sun May 27 @12:00PM-09:00PM
Mass - Sun May 27 @12:00PM-01:00PM
Finance Meeting - Mon May 28 @ 6:00PM-
Men's Faithsharing - Mon May 28 @ 7:00PM-08:30PM


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