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Faith Formation opportunities help parishioners to know, understand and grow in the Catholic faith and to give personal witness to the love of Jesus and His Truth. Scroll down for information about opportunities here at St. Pius X. If you have a question about our upcoming program or would like to learn more about Adult Faith Formation opportunities at St. Pius X, please use our form below to contact our coordinator.

Deacon Jim Kelly


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 Video of the Month: Outdoor Weddings

[Time: 4:54] - Fr. Mike Schmitz explains why a Christian marriage has to be in a church. With the marriage vows, we aren’t just committing ourselves to our spouse. We are also saying in a very specific way that we will follow Christ. Marriage is inherently connected to Christianity, and it’s not just about us. It’s also about the church community to which we belong.

Please note! Catholics who celebrated their wedding outside of a church can have their marriage “convalidated” in the Church, which is sometimes referred to as “blessing” a marriage. If you would like to find out more, call the parish office at 614-866-2859.

Do You Really Believe? Beginning October 2 - Pillar I: The Creed

We say “I believe” every Sunday as we recite the Creed. But do you know what you’re saying you “believe” in? Do the truths of the faith – proclaimed in the Creed – really permeate your life? Learn how these ancient truths contain the promise of peace, joy, and happiness for our lives.

Pillar I: The Creed is a 12-part program that will launch you on an amazing journey through the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Don’t miss this opportunity to take part in a compelling and inspiring learning experience that is sure to draw you closer to Christ through a deeper understanding of the teachings of His Church.

Join us for Pillar I: The Creed beginning Monday, October 2, and continuing every Monday evening at 7:00 PM, in the school cafeteria. This is a study program with a study guide, so advanced registration is required. The cost is $25 per individual/couple, but the $25 fee is waived for participants serving as small group facilitators. The registration deadline is Sunday, September 25.


Online Registration is Closed

Thank you to all who registered! If you have questions about the program, please contact Deacon Jim Kelly through his contact form, above.

Other Faith Formation Opportunities

Watch this spot for other faith formation opportunities in and around the diocese.